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In this devotional, mother and daughter Linda Green and Sarah Walton invite Christian mothers at any stage on their parenting journey to discover that God’s grace is sufficient in all circumstances. Each woman shares personal anecdotes from her years as a mother. For example, Linda relates the excruciating pain of having to admit Sarah to a pediatric psychiatric hospital when she tried to end her life as a young teen. And Sarah shares the discouragement and heartache of what it’s like to be a mother who lives with chronic illness and who passed on her illness to each of her four children. No matter the circumstances, both women lean into God’s grace and provision.

The authors offer a short, user-friendly format for each of the 30 devotions “because motherhood is as unpredictable as the weather.” The chapters can be read in any order, on one’s own or as part of a small group study. A Scripture passage sets the tone at the beginning of each devotion, and concluding reflection questions are included. Also, each devotion includes “Grace in a Line,” in which the chapter is summarized in a sentence. For example, “I am God’s beloved daughter, and he will be enough for me today, all day.” “It’s okay not to be perfect; my calling is to show my kids how to rely on grace.” “When parenting is at its most challenging, Jesus will most help me. He will equip me for everything he calls me to do as a mom.”

In these frank, vulnerable reflections, readers encounter two mothers who freely admit their failings and who seek their strength and victory in God’s work in them and their children. He Gives More Grace would make a great gift to a new mother or any mother on Mother’s Day.

(The Good Book Company)

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