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Akosua is a precocious little girl. Her curiosity always gets her into trouble. “I’m an exquirologist,” Aksosua says as she goes through the neighborhood with her magnifying glass pressed up to her eye. “I can find anything.” (It’s a made up word that means "finder of lost things," according to Edugyan.) Akosua meets Max sitting on a stoop. Max has lost a favorite sock from his Nana Basia in Ghana. Akosua offers her skills as the finder of lost things. Max tells her he is a journalist. Together they make their way down the street. Akosua looks for clues and Max records their findings. But the sock does not show up.

Just when they are about to give up, they spot a cat with a bright pink sock in her teeth. The two children decide to follow her.

International best-selling author Esi Edugyan has written a children’s book worthy of awards she has already received for adult books. Enhanced by delightful illustrations, this book is a sure re-read for young children and will bring a smile to anyone who has ever lost a sock. (HarperCollins)

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