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In this collection of succinct, timely devotions, portions of which were adapted from Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women, women will encounter the faith journeys – the joys, victories, struggles, failures and more – of women of the Bible, some well-known, others obscure and not even named.

Because today women’s lives are inundated with contradictory messages regarding their value and place in the world, they might wonder which voices to listen to and which to ignore. In introductory notes, the authors point out that “if we’re followers of Jesus, we look to God’s Word for answers. What does God think about the issues we face? What does he say about who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to act? What does it mean to be a godly woman, anyway?”

No matter where women of the Bible found themselves and in whatever role they played, whether in submission to God or in rebellion against him, God’s love, grace and call on their lives was unique and indisputable, as is true for women today. The authors conclude, “Be empowered, beloved sister, because you were created to be an on-fire-for-God, kingdom-building woman. We’ve seen stories of women whose lives are cautionary tales. But we’ve also seen dozens of examples of godly women living out their callings from God. Let’s walk in their footsteps and be the women we were created to be!”

Each entry includes a Scripture passage, a devotion about a particular woman, questions for reflection and space to journal responses. Recommended as a meaningful gift for women longing to grow in faith and seeking to define their place and role in the world within a biblical framework. (Zondervan)

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