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Hip-hop artist Ty Brasel has known terrible struggles in his life, having faced crime and substance abuse issues as a teen. Brasel’s fourth album, Transcendent, calls listeners to overcome their own obstacles as he also glorifies God with song. "To 'transcend' something, you rise above your limits and overcome whatever's holding you back," says Brasel in a release. "That word is reflective of my own life experience. Trauma, fear, and pride can get in the way of you accomplishing your goals. I'm here to show people, using my own life and my own music as an example, you can always keep going." The musical style is heavy rap with R&B and with high energy electro pop.

The last of the 15 tracks, “Shining,” is one of praise and hope. “Pray to God when I wake up; Because I know I’m blessed; Stay with my bruddas; Cause it ain’t too many real ones left; And this life get wild; I’ll try to take you next; Gotta keep on shining, yeah; Can’t let it break you down; It’s better days ahead.” Brasel shares the record with various music guests such as IK Phew, Aaron Cole, and Jay-Way. This is a positive record in the rap world and a reminder that the Lord can use different genres for his kingdom. (Curb/Word Entertainment)


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