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Ambient music is a trend that’s been gaining steady momentum in recent years. With a focus on tone and atmosphere rather than traditional music structure, the soothing instrumentals of this genre are perfect for easy listening in various situations—working, studying, sleeping, etc. In addition to songs, though, ambient sounds can be found in another medium: podcasts.

Many ambient podcasts rely on music, though the genre does offer other listening options. Some shows feature nature sounds, meditative affirmations, or even white noise to aid with sleep. With music, ambient podcasts can be a more convenient alternative than listening to individual songs. Most podcasts in this genre feature lengthy episodes spanning a few hours or more, making it easy to hit play and enjoy the background music for an extended period of time.

The Coffee Shop Vibes Podcast from Euphoric Media is an excellent ambient podcast example. After debuting in late 2021, the podcast now consists of a few dozen episodes. Each one features relaxing music layered with snippets of sound like rain, brewing coffee, or chatter. Each episode also is designed for a distinct mood or sense of place—from “Rainy NYC Jazz Café” to “Hawaiian Beach Café” to “Grabbing a Coffee on a Train to Istanbul.” It’s a helpful background tool for those who need motivation or want to feel refreshed.

What’s interesting about the ambient podcast genre as a whole is the way this medium often evokes emotion. I’ve noticed myself feeling more thankful and calm when enjoying the Coffee Shop Vibes Podcast in particular. 1 Corinthians 14:15 says, “I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding.” Ambient podcasts and songs might not have the lyrics we hold dear from hymns and worship tunes, but they can still guide us to a place of abiding peace.

(And just for fun, I listened to the “Bookshop Café Ambience with Chill Lo-Fi Music” episode while writing this review. The periodic sounds of a turning page in a book are especially satisfying.) (Euphoric Media)


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