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With unflinching honesty and profound vulnerability, author Juli Wenger invites readers into her life journey, not so they can learn about the hardships she overcame, but to introduce them to God’s power to transform broken, fearful, unfulfilled lives for his glory. Wenger writes, “This book is a call. A shout from the rooftops. An invitation. The words you’re about to read have been lovingly written for you. To shake you out of your settling. To shake you out of your commitment to not-enoughness. To shake you out of your need for certainty. To remind you of who you are. And to help you get clear on why you’re here.”  

Wenger explores themes such as the “enoughness” illusion, too “muchness,” the role of the ego, self-protective patterns, essential identity, and more. She repeatedly fleshes out her theme: “We were all purposefully made—on purpose, with purpose, and for purpose.” But, she asserts, “Your purpose is not about you. It’s for you, but it’s not about you. It’s for you because it brings fulfillment. It’s for you because it gives you clarity. But it’s about something bigger. It’s about moving forward as God’s kingdom. It’s about being love to our neighbors. It’s about a bigger work that he is doing through us collectively. It’s not about you.”  

Wenger combines memoir, life coaching, biblical insights, and advice pertaining to health and wellness as she invites readers to shape their lives around God’s command given through the words of the apostle Paul in Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Beyond the Book Media)


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