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With self-deprecating humor, candid personal reflection, and keen biblical insight, author Seth Lewis unmasks the current cultural addiction to attaining bigger dreams and being in charge of one’s own destiny. Lewis reveals the emptiness of that pursuit: “I thought the biggest dreams were supposed to bring the biggest happiness and satisfaction and purpose to our lives, so why do I see so many big dreamers so far ahead of me who are still so dissatisfied, even depressed?” Lewis asks probing questions about this dilemma: “Is it possible that bigger is not always better, that more is not always merrier? It is. Is it possible that dreams can come in more sizes than big, bigger, and biggest? It is.”  

According to Lewis, instead of bigger dreams, we need better dreams. But, he asks, where can those better dreams be found? Step by step, Lewis unveils God’s purposes for humanity, weaving in the biblical story of creation, fall, and redemption. Lewis takes a bird’s eye view of Earth to show that “the whole world is small, including every big dream and every big dreamer in it.” But readers need not despair of finding meaning and significance in life. Lewis writes, “You, too, are small. But you, too, are made to know God. … You may be small, but the High King of everything would like to take a walk with you.” Lewis encourages readers to build their dreams on God’s redeeming work in the world, though in the world’s eyes that will seem like foolishness.  

Countercultural, inspirational, and encouraging, Dream Small would make a relevant gift for high school and college graduates, or anyone facing an imminent transition. (The Good Book Company)

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