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“In the very beginning, a long time ago, / God created the world so that we would all know / that He Himself is a working God, / though you might think that sounds just a little bit odd.” So begins author Jordan Raynor’s celebratory poem on an often-overlooked characteristic of God. Raynor invites children, as God’s image bearers, to emulate God and revel in their roles as co-creators: “God made you to look like Him— / to act and work and create with Him. / Because while in six days God created a lot, / there are so many things that He simply did not— / like bridges and baseballs, sandcastles and s’mores. / God asked us to create and fill the planet with more.”  

Children are encouraged to act on their God-given creativity and ability to work—to build large forts and someday construct larger structures like towers and cities, and to pick up paint brushes and pencils to make art and to write songs or a book. He helps them to envision themselves as adults serving God through their work of business, science, technology, and medicine. Why? “Because when you work or you make something new, / you are doing what God has made you to do. / You are showing the world what your Father is like— / a God who creates to bring people delight. / And when you show others the Creator in you, / you bring joy to the world—and to your Father too.”  

In a note to parents, Raynor explains why he wrote this picture book for young children: “I wrote this book because I was tired of reading books to my own kids that treated ‘the sixth day’ as the end of creation. Day six was just the beginning! On the sixth day, God passed the baton of creation to you and me, inviting us to fill the earth with good things that would reveal his character and serve people well.”  

Artist Jonathan David’s exquisite nature illustrations and charming portrayals of children from various ethnic backgrounds engaged in creative acts complement Raynor’s joyful narrative. 


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