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What does beauty look like to your child? We define beauty within culturally confined terms. Sometimes those aesthetic standards can exclude people and cultures that are different from our own. 

This book teaches children to observe and celebrate the many unique differences between people in their community. The core theme statement, “all people are beautiful,” is repeated throughout these community observation trips. Children are taught to respect cultural diversity and grow into the wisdom of unity. “Our differences are what unites us. Not two of us are the same.”

The book also imagines a world with people all looking just alike. To the curious eyes of a child, that would be “really boring and a shame.” The love for others also see people beyond their appearances: “It doesn’t matter what you look like. What matters is that we treat each other right.”

When we are surrounded by people who look different, it is time to celebrate for who they are. “Make them feel special, because everyone is a star.” The book ends by offering an interesting exercise for children to create a unique character. If you want to coach children on forming an inclusive aesthetic, this book is a must-read. (Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream)

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