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What does one do when you keep having one grumpy “thought bubble” after another? Why can’t these bubbles just go away? This light-hearted children’s book describes how our mind can be jammed by worrying thoughts or negative self-talk (bubbles) and what to do about it. This book is part of the Books of Great Character series, which is designed to help children build character through social-emotional skills.

When a little mouse called Izzy takes a walk, a grumpy bubble appears on top of him—“It bubbled up one day, a rough day, and just hung there.” This annoying bubble followed Izzy around for a whole day. When he woke up the next day, this bubble got a bit bigger. Then the most peculiar thing happened: more bubbles began to pop up and started to “really get in the way of things.” They cast a “super shadowy shadow” on Izzy’s life. 

When Izzy decides to finally do something with these bubbles, she goes to her secret spot where there is more space. She needed the space for these bubbles to spread out. There she observed many “happy” bubbles produced by relaxing people. Then, Izzy took a deep breath in, and let the deep breath out. Here the author also invites young readers to imitate this breathing technique. Children are also invited to help blow gently on Izzy’s bubbles. Finally, “It’s working!” The bubbles spread out, become lighter and drift away. Izzy is left to herself, enjoying a beautiful sunset view. 

The back matter of this book further explains what “mindfulness” is for children—“simply paying attention.” There are a few suggested mindfulness exercises for children to try. (Sourcebooks)

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