Caught Up in the Clouds by Michael Canaan

Caught Up in the Clouds
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Composer, keyboardist, and former Christian radio man Michael Canaan offers listeners his first EP, Caught up in the Clouds. It provides top-notch Christian jazz, a genre Canaan has promoted for over 20 years. The music quiets the soul with easy listening and peaceful melodies infused with the inspiration of Scripture. It contains five instrumental tracks and two vocal ones. Scripture verses are from I Thessalonians, James, Hebrews, and Psalms. Special guests include saxophonist Donald Hayes, guitarist Tristan Auman, and vocalist Jennifer Robbins. “Not only do I hope listeners will perceive the motivation behind this music—to draw people closer to God—but I pray this project speaks directly to spirits by the Holy Spirit, and that the lyrics serve as devotion and reflection upon the goodness of God,” Canaan said in a release. “I believe worship music can take on any musical form imaginable, and since I’ve always been drawn to the chord progressions and lyrical stylings of jazz, it’s become my desire to use that for the Lord’s glory.” This EP is a treasure and worthy of repeated play. Hopefully Canaan will become a consistent fixture in presenting his music for reflection and enjoyment. (Worship Fusion Records)

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.