Follow Your Breath! A First Book of Mindfulness

Follow Your Breath! A First Book of Mindfulness
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Pedro is having anxiety about moving to a new neighborhood, and his five friends are determined to help. With the help of Pedro’s mom, together they begin a journey of mindfulness.

Through 14 short and illustrated chapters, this book incorporates mindfulness into children’s daily routines, including eating, walking, exercising, and listening. “Mindfulness is noticing what is happening right now, in this moment. … Being mindful is a way to take care of yourself.” After some research, Pedro and his friends find that many people in today’s world practice mindfulness, including scientists, musicians, and athletes.

Then they join a taekwondo class where children are taught to “notice your body.” Simple things like walking in nature also helps with mindful meditation. In nature, by closing one’s eyes, other senses become sharper, including breathing and smelling. Mindfulness also means paying more attention to the change in one’s feelings, or checking the weather forecast and being prepared for sunny or rainy days ahead. Mindfulness, the slowing-down and noticing of present moments, helps improve concentration and confidence while reducing anxiety and fear. (Kids Can Press).

About the Author

Mary Li Ma, Ph.D., is a a member of Plymouth Heights CRC church in Grand Rapids, Mich.