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The authors of this picture book dedicate it to their adopted son and his birth mother. The story is about how love defines a family bond in ways that can surpass the identities we are born with. It describes how a baby lamb named Grace first arrived at White Cottage Farm. On her way, Grace prays, “Wherever I’m going, wherever I’ll be, please, God, let there be sheep like me.” But her prayer was not answered as she would have wished. There were cats, dogs, a woman, a man, and a baby boy on the farm, but no sheep. Finding out that she is the only sheep, Grace feels nervous and out of place. Although the farm owners introduce her as their “new baby,” she still feels uneasy and confused. The kittens welcome Grace to her new home and teach her to hop and race through the house. Other farm animals happily show Grace around the new place. But Grace is still bothered by the idea that she is the only sheep in sight. At night, she sadly prays again to God, saying “please send me a family.” The family dog Winifred notices her sorrow: “Every family is special, whether large or small. It’s those who share your jokes and catch you when you fall…. A family is those you love, and all those who love you!” When Grace looks into everyone’s eyes, she sees caring and warmth that seem like love. Finally Grace realizes that “God gave me this family!” It is love that makes a family. (Tommy Nelson).

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