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Pete Jones had a good start on a pop career in England. He appeared on the British version of The X Factor and, along with a singing partner, came in second. But his career stalled, and Jones decided to create music that is a bit more complex and not quite so radio-friendly. To avoid confusion, he called his new project Tiger Moth Tales, and he has been releasing music under that name since 2014. With his latest album, The Whispering of the World, Jones tried something new. Instead of layering keyboards, guitar, and percussion, he sat at a grand piano and recorded with a string quartet. The result is a compelling collection of songs representing memories or significant events in Jones’ life. The opener, “Taking the Dawn,” for example, shows an appreciation for nature and for enjoying moments in life. The tune is a fine example of Jones’ gift of melody, and he uses the string quartet to enhance his piano in a nuanced and beautiful way. In “Lost to the Years,” which closes the album, Jones reflects on those in his life whom he has lost. It’s touching without being morose. Jones’ music is inventive, memorable, as well as well-composed and performed. The Whispering of the World is worth checking out. (White Knight Records)

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