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NEEDTOBREATH’s highly anticipated recording, “Out of Body,” does not disappoint. It’s the seventh full-length album from a band making music for 20 years and probably the most unfiltered one. “Looking at my sons, I’m constantly reminded to be in the moment,” said lead vocalist Bear Rinehart in a release. “I’m competitive. I think too far down the road a lot. Then, it’s funny and eye-opening when you see a 2-year-old naked in the yard with zero insecurity. As a parent, I try to grow as a person. I could be pretty neurotic before.” The message examines “life, family, and friendships through a youthful prism.” The music excites the listener with a variety of genres: folk, bluegrass, rock and country. “Mercy’s Shore” leads off the record and is arguably the best track because of its range of emotions. At one point, listeners will want to tap their toes, then sadness occurs, but in the end hope finishes the song. “Hang On” functions as the first radio single on an album that could well yield several more. Listeners will certainly want to grab this recording, as it is exceptional. (Elektra)

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.