A Seed, A Sunrise: Advent to Christmas Songs by Caroline Cobb

A Seed, A Sunrise: Advent to Christmas Songs
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Caroline Cobb’s “A Seed, A Sunrise: Advent to Christmas Songs” provides a welcome alternative to traditional Christmas music. Based on Scripture, particularly in the Old Testament, these selections prepare the listener for the anticipation of Christ’s coming and his actual coming. “My prayer is that these songs will be a needed balm for us, giving voice to both the desperate cry, ‘How long, O Lord?’ and to the unwavering hope we have in Jesus,” Cobb said in a release. “Longing and hope are not mutually exclusive. We need both right now.” The music reflects a folk, bluegrass feel. “Lift Up Your Head, Be on the Lookout” is a catchy tune filled with hope. The chorus says, “Lift up your head; Be on the lookout; Wake from Your Bed; Don’t fall asleep; Lift up your head; He’s comin’ soon now; Get yourself ready; For the comin’ of the King.” Another celebration song, “Hallelujah Christ is Born,” says in the chorus, “Hallelujah, Christ is born! Hallelujah, the Savior of the World; This is the One we’ve waited for; Hallelujah, Christ is born; Hallelujah, Christ is born.” This music offers joy to the heart. (Integrity Music)

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