Meadow by Jillian Edwards

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Listening to Jillian Edwards’ voice instantly provides a balm to the soul. All seven songs in her “Meadow” EP offer rest, solitude, and comfort. “I want to provide healing, and that for me comes in beauty,” Edwards said in a release. “So that’s the heart of these songs. I really want them to be medicine for hurting people, and that’s everyone.” The selection, “Heaven’s Eyes,” is both appealing musically and lyrically. The chorus relates how God views a believer: “Speak over me; Tell me again that I’m someone you love; Let it sink in, tell me a million times; Who I am in heaven’s eyes; So I’m letting go; Of all other names that I; gave myself when I heard you say; come and find yourself in heaven’s eyes; Heaven’s eyes.” This recording reminds listeners in these troubling times of God’s care and deep love. (Tone Tree Music)

About the Author

Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.