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July 10, 2020 - 

As a young adult who has grown up in the church, I find it can be challenging to find resources that encourage me in my walk with God. I often find myself in a position where I feel like, “I’ve already heard this a hundred times.” 

Years ago, I read Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love. It made me eager to radically love others. But it didn’t take long for the motivation to fade and routine to settle in. 

Until recently.

Crazy Love Ministries has a podcast, with each episode challenging the listener to love radically. With the aim to provide resources that “will edify and encourage people all over the world,” they are doing just that.

The episodes have motivated me to reevaluate how I am loving my Christian and non-Christian friends, how I am loving my spouse, and how I am loving those around me.  

Chan speaks with passion. He connects real-life stories to biblical truth. He encourages young people to recognize what is important, to ache for those who don’t know Christ, and to love everyone. 

As a young adult who has grown up in the church, I have found the Crazy Love podcast to offer refreshing insight on many of the lessons I have been taught my whole life. It has encouraged me to truly reflect on how I am loving those around me and motivated me to change.

Episodes of the Crazy Love podcast are about an hour long and can be found on most podcast services.

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