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Told in spirited, playful rhymes and illustrated with bold splashes of vibrant colors, this exuberant children’s picture book shares the vivid imagination and problem-solving abilities of a young African American boy who is stuck in the house on a rainy day. He knows his familiar inside toys could keep him happy, but he thinks, “But I’ve been there and / done that stuff, / Today I’ll make something really tough. / Like a whole new world / in a different place— / a galaxy off in / outer space!”

As he looks around his home, he finds everything he needs—a rocking chair for a rocket, a super launching pad that Dad helps to build, a cardboard box for a spaceship, swimming trunks and goggles for a space suit, Mom’s old dish rag for a flag, and more. With the help of his loving parents and his rich imagination, he’s launched into outer space: “Zoom, zoom, zoom / all the way from / the living room / down the hall, / riding on a broom.”

Young children are sure to delight in this fun and imaginative romp through a rainy day and might even be inspired to make their own rocket ship. (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)

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