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With gusto and passion, author Matthew Paul Turner takes young readers on a joyous, imaginative romp through God’s creation of the world, focusing on God’s glory and the beginning of the human story: “And somewhere amid all the swirling light, / inside a cluster of milky white, / among stars and planets and cosmic dust, / God made a place for the story of us. / 'Cause when God made the world, / God displayed heaven’s glory / for you and for me and for all the world’s stories.”

As the creation story unfolds, young readers witness an array of children from various ethnic backgrounds learning about the wonder of their common humanity: “And God made people, / people like you and me. / People with souls, people with stories, / a global family tree.” Turner also celebrates the diversity of the races and the uniqueness of personalities: “Each of our faces, bodies, and traits, / our skin tones, our features—God did create.” Young readers are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to make God’s world a better place.

Illustrator Gillian Gamble’s vivid, cheerful artwork captures the stunning diversity and majesty of God’s creation and the delight and enchantment experienced by inquisitive children.

(Convergent Books)

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