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Ana Sanchez and Bryan Shaw have pasts they would rather forget. After a time apart, the two become reacquainted through mutual friends who host a supper club at the Bittersweet Café. In her job as a crisis management associate at a Denver publicity firm, Ana essentially makes famous people look good in the public eye, despite their moral and legal mistakes. At first the work seems exciting, but eventually the perks—an expensive condo, car, wardrobe, and over-the-top salary—ring hollow as her conscience (she was raised Catholic and learned about God’s law) convicts her of the choices she is making to cover up her clients’ tracks.

Bryan has made myriad mistakes of his own since leaving home, gaining fame as a rock climber, and becoming involved in numerous sexual relationships. When a climbing accident in Colombia irrevocably changes his life, Bryan begins a soul-searching journey. In a “come-to-Jesus moment,” Bryan realizes that true biblical faith involves a lifestyle change. He buys a coffee farm from an elderly Colombian couple and learns about growing, roasting, and distributing coffee beans. But on his return to Denver to establish a coffee company, Bryan realizes he lacks business know-how.

When Ana follows her conscience and finds herself out of work, Bryan asks her to join his business venture, but he’s hoping for more than a business partner. As Bryan and Ana discover love, they confront their pasts and the messiness of sinful choices, while also experiencing the love of God that provides second chances and more.

By turns funny and serious, this romance is the third novel in the Supper Club series. Author Carla Laureano has effectively drawn characters whose lighthearted insights, soul-searching, and faith experiences ring true.  Her narrative subtly weaves fiction with the reality of social justice issues pertaining to coffee farms in developing countries. (Tyndale)

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