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Artist and author Ruth Chou Simons sets forth the theme of her inspirational and exquisitely illustrated book by quoting William Blake—“We become what we behold”—and the words of the apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 3:18 about believers beholding the glory of God and being transformed into the same image.

In each circumstance of our lives, Chou Simons asserts, “The question isn’t whether we will use our everyday moments to worship because we will—in the midst of ordinary places, people, sights, sounds, joys, and pains. How we direct our eyes, minds, hearts, and hands in the everyday will determine whom we ultimately worship and what we ultimately become. We were made to behold him and be transformed in him.”

In 16 two-part chapters, Chou Simons shows how beholding God in certain ways influences what a person will become. For example, when we behold God’s greatness, we become humble, aware of how small we are; when we behold God’s goodness in providing for us, we become unselfish, longing to share with others; and when we behold God’s perspective on rest, we become of aware of our need for re-creation and learn to trust that God will take care of us even when we sleep.

Though Beholding and Becoming seems to be written with a female audience in mind, men could also benefit from it. Perhaps best suited for individual use, the book could be used in a small group study, though it doesn’t include discussion questions. With more than 850 pieces of original artwork, it is a book to be savored again and again.

(Harvest House Publishers)

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