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Author Robin Schmitt was inspired by the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 14:19—about speaking five clear words of instruction—to create this devotional for children ages 8-12. The devotions focus on helping kids memorize what Schmitt calls Bible Gems, or Gemstones, nuggets of truth in five words or fewer found in Scripture. Schmitt hopes his book will help children learn what the Bible teaches and put it into practice, shaping their characters and building them up in faith, now and in the years ahead.

As Schmitt relates biblical stories relevant to each Bible Gem, he shares how they connect to the joys, challenges, fears, and triumphs of kids today. He also encourages his readers to see how God meets them in their everyday lives—strengthening in weakness, providing for needs, loving unconditionally, and more. Schmitt repeatedly points out that kids—and adults—grow in godliness, not through their own efforts or strength, but because of God’s work within human hearts and minds, accomplishing the transformation that only he has the power to bring about.

This meaningful devotional is suitable for family mealtimes or for individual use by older children. (Zonderkidz)

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