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February 4, 2020 - 

Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller have navigated their way through the world of Christian writing; they have written articles, edited books, and made their livings as writers. Throughout their journeys, they have gained wisdom and experience, and now they have partnered together to write Craft, Cost & Call.

This book is an opportunity for writers to explore how to build a life as a Christian writer. The chapters weave memorable stories, vibrant images, and valuable insight that is all packaged into a resourceful guide.

The opening paragraph to the introduction offers a clear glimpse into the treasures that the book holds, “If we could have you to ourselves for an afternoon in a cottage with a view of the lake, we would pour you a mug of tea, hand you a butter tart from that tiny bakery just outside of town, and tell you everything we know about building a life as a Christian writer.”

Whether you have completed your education or are neck-deep in exams—this book will be an easy read yet has the potential to jumpstart your career. The “try this” sections are an ideal opportunity to take what they have discussed and implement them in practical ways that are sure to nudge you out of your comfort zone.

The book is divided into three sections; craft, cost, and call. The craft section encourages the reader to focus on the writing itself. The authors write about how to find good ideas; when to take breaks, good editing practices, and more. The second section, cost, is an opportunity for the reader to be more educated in the publication area of writing—marketing, equipment, invoicing, and publication. The third and final section of the book is the call, and it looks at spiritual care and how Christian writers have a special calling.

Though cozying up with a mug of tea and a butter tart in a lakeside cottage with the authors might not be an option, you can still absorb their wisdom through reading Craft, Cost & Call.

Craft, Cost & Call can be purchased on Amazon or at

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