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Not for the first time, Beverly Tapinski, a cynical, wounded 14-year-old, decides to run away from her alcoholic mother and unhappy home. This time, though, she resolves to leave her home and her past for good.

Beverly doesn’t count on generous, kind people like Iola Jenkins, who offers her a place to stay in a small town by the ocean. Iola knows there’s more to Beverly’s story than meets the eye and asks, “Who do you belong to, child?” Trusting others doesn’t come easily to Beverly—her trust has been broken on so many occasions—so she’s not letting anyone know who she is and what’s going on inside of her. Still, Iola and others whom Beverly meets draw her into their circle of respect and friendship, showing her unconditional love and helping her see that not all people are terrible in their interactions with others.

Author Kate DiCamillo first introduced the character of Beverly Tapinski in her novel, Raymie Nightingale. In this third book in the series for middle-grade readers, which also includes Louisiana’s Way Home, juvenile readers will witness the transformation of a girl who experiences that joy is possible with unanticipated people and in unforeseen places. (Candlewick)

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