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Get on Your Knee Replacements and Pray! If You're Not Dead, You're Not Done by Kris Kandel Schwambach, Karen Kandel Kizlin, Kathie Kandel Poe, and Linda Kandal Mason


The four Kandel sisters—triplets and a younger sister who each retired from a teaching career—share comical, vulnerable, and spiritually astute insights into getting older. They hope that their book will “be the face in the mirror of your heart that refuses to quit because of a date on a calendar."

Employing one narrative voice, the sisters encourage retirees to continue praying fervently for the coming of God’s kingdom, to volunteer in their communities, to be generous with their financial resources, and to donate material things they no longer need for the benefit of others and God’s mission. They also discuss the necessity of allowing younger people to take over leadership roles and leaving one’s pride behind so one can continue to be involved in life even as abilities may become more limited. The authors repeatedly point to God’s faithful presence in all life stages and through all transitions.

This light yet meaningful read, which includes questions for each chapter, is beneficial for individual and group study. (FaithWords )

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