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Big Daddy Weave has carved out a long-standing presence in Christian music and for good reason: the band’s music just connects well with listeners. Its ninth studio project, When the Light Comes, continues the connection. The band has encountered numerous struggles the past three years, and the album’s songs reflect deep honesty and reliance upon the Lord. Regarding the troubles, Bassist Jay Weaver said: “Only Jesus can turn sorrow into joy.” “Alive” shot up to No. 1 on the radio charts and talks about the saving power of God. Two other favorites include the toe-tapping “I Want to Tell the World” and “Walking in the Light of Your Love,” where the first song centers on hope in Jesus and the second one recognizes God’s goodness in various aspects. The music itself offers high-energy pop with a few ballads and lead singer Mike Weaver’s signature voice. I predict this project will be on the Best of 2019 lists for Christian albums. (Curb, Word Records)

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