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If the new 5-track EP Mood from the Social Club Misfits feels like an emotional roller coaster, this is by design. In it, the South Florida rap duo, Marty and Fern, track the rise and fall surrounding the group’s recent taste of success. Ultimately, Mood aims to share the promise of God’s perseverance through it all.

“So, the idea behind (this album) is ‘Is God still good in the mountain? Is he still good in the valley?’” said Marty in a recent interview with the Christian Post. “Do we trust him in every season of our life? In every mood?”

The playlist for Mood reflects the duo’s personal rise and fall. In songs like “Everything” and “Up,” Fern and Marty take us on the accent of high emotion. Listening to the lyrics, it’s almost like they can’t miss. In “Up” Marty raps,

“I got the heat where the dough at?

Life is moving so fast (Yeah)

If you think you gon' miss this very moment.”

In the next verse, Fern fires off a braggadocious verse, cleverly comparing himself to Alfred Hitchcock, Bo Jackson, and Orson Welles (quite a trifecta!).

However, even in these moments of confidence, Social Club yearns to stay grounded, remembering God’s guidance. “No, my life is changed by Jesus Christ,” Fern reminds himself and others—not by a raised profile or more audience applause.

No song speaks more clearly toward this dependence on God than in the worshipful final song, “So Our God Came to Us,” featuring Jung Youth. In this beautiful, somber track, the audience is welcomed into the full scope of the “valley” Marty references in the Christian Post interview.  Lyrics like “What’s wrong with me? I don’t even get along with me” captures the mood of the piece. Yet God is still there:

 “Lost it all, but never lost my soul

Gotta keep it real, I wasn’t in control

So God came down to us, I’m not looking up

. . . So tell the world that it’s not over, You’re just in the making.”

 “Our music has always been about the journey of God,” Marty concluded. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Mood is worth the trip. (Capital Christian Music Group)

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