Reader-Submitted Review: Remnants by Stan Poel

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Experience the Dutch resistance in World War II through the lives of a young Dutch woman and her friend, the son of a wealthy Jewish family. The opening scene, when a fighter plane interrupts farm chores, foreshadows the changes the German invasion would bring to the Netherlands. In this war, unlike World War I, neither the nation nor its people would be permitted to remain neutral. Friends, neighbors, and family members must decide if they will support the Nazis or find ways to resist them. Every choice has a cost. A climate of suspicion and betrayal blankets Holland as Jenny and Marten take their stand against the invaders. A good read, full of historical details, Remnants calls believers to faith-based action in our own time. Will we take a stand for God’s truth, as Poel’s leading characters do, or will we passively ride the flow of our culture’s river? (Heritage Beacon Fiction)

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Christine Fabiszewski