Love Song for a City by Martin Smith

Love Song for a City
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Renowned British worship leader Martin Smith displays his love for the local church around the world with his album Love Song for a City. The 13 live tracks were recorded in 11 countries, including Belgium, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

“I’m convinced that if God wrote a letter to a city it would be addressed to every occupant by name,” Smith, the former lead singer for Christian group Delirious? said in a press release. “It would note every dream, reference every sadness, highlight every secret act of kindness and be filled with reminders of His endless love.”

The music is typical of Smith’s style: high-energy, celebrative, guitar-driven rock and worship. The album features a good mix of new and old material. In the new song “I Will Sing,” he sings, “I will sing through the sorrow/I will sing through the pain/I will sing until the morning/When Your mercy comes again.” Old favorites include the song “Majesty.”

In “Jesus Only You,” the chorus is repeated in Spanish as the audience in Bogota, Colombia, sings along, while the music video for “Come Holy Spirit” was filmed in Jerusalem. Smith brings awareness of the worldwide body of Christ with his effort. (Integrity Music)

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