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Bizzy Mizz Lizzie is busier than any other bee in Hivetown. Some of her friends participate in some activities with her. The rest join her in doing other things, but she does everything. Her best friend, Lazy Mizz Daizy, is the complete opposite—she loves to rest in a flower and smell the garden’s fragrances.

When the other bees ask her why she keeps herself so busy, Bizzy Mizz Lizzie says she wants to meet the Queen one day and tell her that she is being the best bee she can possibly be.

Bizzy Mizz Lizzie is overcome with excitement when she learns that Hivetown will be hosting a Spelling Contest and that the winner will be privileged to meet the Queen. Striving for perfection, the diligent bee studies relentlessly, wearing herself out in the process. On the day of the Spelling Contest, Bizzy Mizz Lizzie’s plan for success is thwarted. But a grace-filled surprise results and she “learned to stop and smell the flowers, which, when you think about it, is exactly what bees are supposed to do.”

This playful children’s picture book, replete with David Shannon’s humorous text and strikingly vivid illustrations, shows young readers (and their often overly busy parents) that slowing down and enjoying the beauty in our lives and environment are crucial to a joyful, balanced life. Ages 4 and up. (The Blue Sky Press)

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