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Alisa Turner is one of a seemingly endless stream of worship leaders and songwriters from Nashville who are turning out new music to encourage the church and help us worship. What sets Turner’s music apart from many others is the combination of emotional depth and a reliance on using words from Scripture to capture her feelings.

In her debut release—a self-titled, six-song EP—she references Psalm 121 in the song “Lift My Eyes” as well as Romans 8 in “More Than Going to Make It.” In that song, she sings “Truth is I’ve known my share of heartache . . .” and she has, from the death of her father to being hospitalized with Lyme disease to losing a baby minutes after birth. But Turner’s faith in God’s goodness remains strong and that faith comes out in her songs.

A particular high point is “Psalm 13,” a lament psalm not often turned into a modern worship song. With sparse accompaniment, she sings, “But I will trust your unfailing love.” Turner does not wallow in her sorrow but she references it just enough for us to know it is real and that her faith in God comes with the depth of experience. This is an EP worth listening to a number of times. (Integrity)

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