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We all come from somewhere. Most people in North America have a story in their family history of moving to a distant land. This bestselling author and illustrator team have paired up again with a story that wonders what a child might choose to put into a suitcase if he or she were moving to a faraway place.

“Fill up this case with the things you LOVE best. Sadly, you’ll have to leave all of the rest.” What would you take? And what if you made a mistake? Written in their classic rhyme style that children love, the story takes the reader to a place of knowing that “who you become starts with knowing your past, family histories and stories that last.”

Placed in a classroom setting, the delightful faces of the children are as varied as the places they may have come from. The book’s last page is a pop-up suitcase inviting the reader to choose what things are most precious and “say to the world, Hi there, this is Me.”

Recommended for ages 4–8, but the message holds for any age. (Workman)

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