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From her nest in a rock crevice overlooking a majestic canyon, a baby wren sees that “the world was filled with such wonderfulness”—monarch butterflies, soft breezes, and a shimmering river. Hopping out of her nest, she sees more beauty: a kingfisher catching a fish, ring-tailed cats climbing and cartwheeling, sunfish splashing, and eagles soaring.

The creatures invite Baby Wren to join in their activities, but she sadly acknowledges that she doesn’t have the abilities to do so. She begins to wonder why she isn’t just like these amazing creatures and asks, “What can I do that’s wonderful?”

When a fierce storm passes and the canyon shimmers and glows, Baby Wren learns the answer to her question—a song of thanksgiving for creation’s splendor and variety bursts forth from her tiny body.

Vivid, energetic illustrations enrich this joyful tale of discovery and point to God, the Creator of all gifts and "wonderfulness." Ages 3 and up. (Zonderkidz)

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