You are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit by James K. A. Smith

“You are what you love but you might not love what you think.” “What you think you want might not be what you want.” These thoughts sum up the challenge Jamie Smith presents his readers in his latest book. It is through the liturgies of our lives, those we choose as well as those we unwittingly embrace, that our habits are formed. This is most true and significant in the habits that lead to and grow our spiritual formation.  

Smith considers the liturgies of worship, community, and education and how they are shaped and threatened by the liturgies of our dominant culture, particularly the “liturgy of the mall.” He has taken the densely presented ideas in his previous book, Desiring the Kingdom, and written for a broader audience. Recommended for book clubs, small groups, and leadership teams. (Brazos)

About the Author

Jenny deGroot is a freelance media review and news writer for The Banner. She lives on Swallowfield Farm near Fort Langley B.C. with her husband, Dennis. Before retirement she worked as a teacher librarian and assistant principal.