An Uncomplicated Life: A Father’s Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter by Paul Daugherty

Paul Daugherty’s daughter Jillian was born with Down syndrome.His book, however, is not about Jillian’s disability. Instead, “it’s about how her disability has enabled more fully her life and the lives of others.”

With unflinching honesty, deep compassion, and a dose of humor, Daugherty relates how he and his wife struggled to fight “the shackles of perception” which keep educators, the media, and the public from expecting children with disabilities to excel. Their unrelenting advocacy and unconditional love made Jillian’s journey from grade school to college and beyond a reality.

Reformed readers might see God’s grace and provision where Daugherty’s spiritual musings find only Fate and the possibility of a guiding hand. (William Morrow)

About the Author

Sonya VanderVeen Feddema is a freelance writer and a member of Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, Ontario.