If Kids Ran the World by Leo and Diane Dillon

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Imagine a world where children made the decisions. No one would worry. Food would be shared. Forests would be protected. It would be a place where “friendship, kindness, and generosity would be worth more than money.”

For author-illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon, it’s natural to imagine what the world might be like if kids made the rules. “If peace begins with a smile, the children are our greatest hope for the future,” they write. The book portrays an array of children together in a global setting, a taste of what the renewed earth might be like.

Inthis recent picture book, the successful husband-and-wife team have gifted the world of children’s literature with another one of their thoughtful and life-celebrating books. The book was completed by Diane in honor of her husband, who passed away in 2012. A lovely book for home, school, or church library. (Blue Sky Press)

About the Author

Jenny deGroot is a freelance media review and news writer for The Banner. She lives on Swallowfield Farm near Fort Langley B.C. with her husband, Dennis. Before retirement she worked as a teacher librarian and assistant principal.