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Dear God of Mary and Joseph of Elizabeth and Zachariah             and Jesus born in a manger

we’ve entered the season             of hope & peace & joy & love when you seem bent on showing us your willingness to do the impossible when we read again             the lion lying down with the lamb             led by a child when we sing with Mary             the lowly lifted up             the hungry filled with good things             the rich sent empty away

and we feel these things resonate with the deepest part of our being as being true, true             so absolutely incontrovertibly true although we have yet to see them take place

Our belief in you             our willingness to continue along this path keeps us on the very edge             of the joy             that is in the vision of the prophets                         and the gospel writers even as present realities             might seem to say we are fools

There are so many people who hurt, O Lord There are so many who grieve There is war. Corruption. Greed. Calamity

The rich are lying down with the wolf The lowly are being sent empty away and the little child is hungry

We have no words for all the ways things are wrong in the world

What we have are people quietly helping doing the impossible in your name and places in the world, where without fanfare             the impossible has taken place             and is             What we have is a faith that does not prevent us from walking into walls or keep us from troubles faith that is not certainty but trust trust             that has well-springs in Scripture             and is born of our experience of your love and benevolence             toward us

trust that keeps us             putting one foot in front of the other as we continue this slow trek to Bethlehem to enter again the peace and profoundness             and impossibility of your stable birth

with nothing but the clothes on our backs

            and our hearts split wide open

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