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Coffee Break Bible study leaders from Meadowlands Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in Ancaster, Ontario, wanted to reach out to the Korean moms of exchange students attending the nearby Christian school.

When it became apparent that a language barrier prevented the Korean women from fully participating in Coffee Break, Carla Wikkerink, an ESL teacher and Coffee Break group leader, agreed to lead a separate Bible study for them.

While many of the Korean women began attending the group for social reasons and for a chance to practice their English-language skills, they soon realized that God had much more in store for them.

Min Jin said that although she came to Canada to learn English with her children, she feels this is a very important time, spiritually, in her life. “God has brought me here to strengthen my faith more and more,” she said.

Although some of the Korean families are from Christian backgrounds, the women see differences in their faith experiences. “I am enjoying getting to know how Canadians speak so openly about the Bible,” said Ji-young Kim.

Two women who attended the group have since returned to Korea, where they now attend church regularly and have started their own women’s Bible study.

“We are always planting a seed but rarely seeing the fruit,” said Wikkerink, “I pray that someone else will water them and help them grow.”

Both Wikkerink and Marian Star, who helped co-lead the group, expressed how much of a blessing the Korean women have been to them.

“It is amazing to see how huge the family of God is,” Star said. “We make language barriers more than what they are. God can break through, and it’s such a joy to see what he can do.”

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