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Last year we started the practice of highlighting to you some of our favorite articles from the previous year. So here we are again, albeit a little later into the new year, with our top picks and favorites. 

This list differs from our 25 most-read online stories of 2022. Those stories are based entirely on our web metrics. In this article, we want to share some of our top picks, chosen by us, the Banner team. These choices are based on our entries to the Evangelical Press Association and the Associated Church Press awards competitions. So we hope you didn’t miss reading or seeing these stories from 2022. 

Editorial: “Orthocardia: Having a Right Heart,” by Shiao Chong (June 2022, print issue)— This editorial draws our attention to an often overlooked third concept of orthocardia—having a right heart, or loving and desiring rightly—in relation to the more common concepts of orthodoxy—having right beliefs—and orthopraxy—having right behaviors or practices.

Feature Article: “Conflict: A Bridge to Love,” by Lorilee Craker (December 2022)— Our Mixed Media editor, Lorilee Craker, laid out some crucial steps to resolving interpersonal conflicts. 

News Story: “Covid Check-in: How are Pastors Coping?” by Callie Feyen (April 2022)— It was tough to narrow down to just one pick from a year’s worth of significant news reporting. But Feyen’s wide-ranging look into how CRC pastors are doing two years into the pandemic times is our news entry to the EPA contest.

Article Series: “Seeking Shalom in the Midst of Polarization”— We don’t want you to miss this excellent series of five articles in collaboration with The Colossian Forum. The articles examine our current state of polarization in the U.S. and Canada, as well as explore some Christian strategies to overcome it. This series is a wonderful resource for small group discussions as well. 

Student Writer of the Year:Silvery Blue,” by Ruth Ann Bos (October 2022)— The winner of our 2022 Young Adults Writing Contest is our logical choice to submit to the EPA’s category of Student Writer of the Year. We hope you all got a chance to read all of the winners, including an honorable mention at the contest page. Our theme for this year’s contest was “What Gives You Hope?”

Theological Reflection: “What’s Wrong with the Rapture?” by Shiao Chong (September 2022)— This Faith Matters article challenges the popular rapture theology from a Reformed and biblical perspective.

Critical Review: “Succession,” by Daniel Jung (October 2022)— Jung looks at the themes of the Emmy-nominated TV series from a Christian perspective.


Our magazine is not only about written content. Images, design, and art play an important role in bringing a story to life and to enhance the entire reading experience. Here is some of our favorite artwork from 2022. 

Magazine Cover: December 2022— We loved the variety of colors in this cover.

Original Art: “Will Retirement Give Me Too Much ‘Together Time’ with My Spouse?” Original Art for The Banner by Gisela Bohórquez (January 2023)— It showed up in the January 2023 print, but it was published online first in December 2022. But we love how this illustration cleverly captures the question.

Were any of these your favorites too? What were your top picks from 2022? Let us know by emailing

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