Hot Soup

Slice of Life

It might have been Sunday evening Suppertime after 6:00 p.m. church The kids like their soup warm My wife just likes soup But I like hot soup

I take my bowl across the kitchen to the microwave As it heats up I turn around and watch my family minus me They don’t notice as I view their world from mine Twelve feet away and out of sight everything looks so different Just because I like hot soup

The kids joke and giggle and play with their food I wonder if I am too serious or not stern enough They make up words and languages and French I wonder why I can’t say the things I should And why do I like hot soup

The buzzer goes off and my mind jumps awake Yes they are my family and I need to go back Tell them the things I should Have fun with them when I can And every once in a while have a bowl of hot soup

—Joe Tolkamp

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