The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp

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Ann Voskamp won the hearts of many with her bestseller One Thousand Gifts (2011), a reflective text that gave readers a peek into her life and invited readers to live their own lives with thoughtful purpose.

Her recent book The Broken Way will be equally embraced for the way in which Voskamp shares her insights on the great sadnesses and disappointments that all people are sure to experience. 

Voskamp weaves stories of her own life with those of Scripture and other personal narratives. She is especially attentive to place, the seasons, and physical landscapes, an attentiveness she attributes with honor to her own father.

Most powerful are her understandings of the Eucharist and the repeated invitations into brokenness in order to be made whole. “Never be afraid of being a broken thing,” she writes. She points the reader to the Christ and his own brokenness, the One who opens the way from brokenness to wholeness.

Voskamp also draws on the full meanings of koinonia as the place where we find healing in community. She does not shy from the hurt and pain that seem too deep to be resolved in this life, writing with an incredible hope that she prays is within the grasp of all her readers.

A study guide and a six-session DVD study are available for small group use. (Zondervan)

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