Love Lines the Last Horizon by Tanya Godsey

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Singer-songwriter Tanya Godsey’s third album, Love Lines the Last Horizon, opens with a prayer that sets the lyrical tone for the entire album. Godsey’s piano and atmospheric voice on this first track, “Wild Love,” quickly grabs our attention and pulls us in. This album is not catchy in a typical pop music sense. Rather, the intensity in Godsey’s voice tells us that she’s singing about important things, and the music, somewhat reminiscent of early Coldplay, supports the texts well. These are songs about hope in the midst of darkness and of a God who will make all things right.

When in “Watchmen” Godsey sings, “When the silence is dark, and the answers fail/You promised me you’d give yourself” it sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. When she goes on to sing, “I will wait for you to come/As watchmen wait for morning” the hope she has in God is clear. She sounds like someone who has experienced darkness but continues to put her hope in the light that she knows is always there. This album is pop enough to stick in our ears but also deep enough to make us glad it did. (Mining Mystery Music)

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Robert J. Keeley is professor of education at Calvin College and director of distance learning at Calvin Seminary.