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It has been 14 years since Scott and Christine Dente, known as Out of the Grey, have released new music. In the 90s, when they released most of their six previous albums, they had a significant following in the Christian music world. Since then they’ve stayed in the background. Then in 2014 they launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter to see if there was still enough interest in Out of the Grey to fund a new album. They more than met their fundraising goal, and while the new album took some time to produce the Dentes have crafted a fine album.

A Little Light Left does not rock as hard as their 1991 debut, but as it turns out, that is one of the strengths of this album. The songs have more room to breathe and the years of experience have allowed Out of the Grey to create an album that reveals its beauty slowly rather than hitting you over the head with catchy tunes and flashy guitars. Much of the album includes reflections on wisdom gained over the years, especially the title track and the opener, “We’re Still Here.” This is an album that has grown on me with repeated listening.

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