A Better Man by Leah McLaren

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In this modern-day family tale, Nick Wakefield is a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment business. His wife, Maya, gave up her career as a family lawyer to stay home and parent their 3-year-old twins. But their marriage is failing. In order to avoid the risk of losing over half his assets in a divorce settlement, Nick is challenged to become a better husband and father. He begins to realize that perhaps that change is all his family needs to come together again.

On the surface,A Better Man is a romantic comedy about the modern marriage. And while it’s perfectly fine when read in this way, a deeper look unearths some shortfalls. Of course, Nick’s changes better his family, and he thinks he might want to stay. But despite telling the story from two different points of view, it was a little disappointing that the original marital trouble—and the subsequent resolution—was entirely one-sided. (Grand Central)

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Kate Padilla is a staff writer at the Spencer Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa, where she is a member of Hope Church.