In the Seams by Saint Saviour

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British singer-songwriter Becky Jones adopted the moniker “Saint Saviour” after seeing it while running regularly in the St. Saviour’s Dock area of London. Those who appreciate the lyrical honesty of the psalms may also be drawn to the intimate beauty of In the Seams, which lets listeners in on the intricacies of Jones’s inner life.

“I’ve made considerable mistakes/tried to be/someone else,” Jones confesses in a delicate, ethereal voice on the first track, “Intro (Sorry).” Throughout the record, her airy vocals are accompanied only by piano, acoustic guitars, and cinematic arrangements by Manchester Camerata, a chamber orchestra.

This collection is indeed plaintive in places—yet it is never entirely despairing. Many of the verses describe painful experiences such as romantic betrayal and childhood bullying, but the choruses are often calls for forgiveness and reminders of life’s promise. These songs of quiet strength are fitting companions for a pensive walk or a tranquil hour at home. (Surface Area)

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