View from the Top: An Inside Look at How People in Power See and Shape the World by D. Michael Lindsay

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D. Michael Lindsay is the president of Gordon College and an expert on faith-based organizational leadership.View from the Topis the result of the Platinum Study, a 10-year survey of high-profile leaders from the public and private sector. Platinum is an acronym for Public Leaders in America Today and the Inquiry into their Networks, Upbringings, and Motivations.

The book is comprised of case studies, including stories about the challenges faced by women and minority leaders. All of the people interviewed are high achievers, and many are the firstborn in their family. According to Lindsay, leaders should act personally but think institutionally. They should also maximize opportunities for those they lead and be willing to sacrifice.

View from the Top ends with a 41-page Appendix listing the names and titles of the 550 people who took part in the Platinum Study. Gaylen Byker, president of Calvin College at the time, is one of them.

Lindsay’s book is a good companion to other leadership books. Conviction to Lead by Dr. Albert Mohler offers 25 principles for leadership, and Joseph Stowell’s Redefining Leadership is about helping others develop their moral character, drawing heavily from Scripture. All of these men demonstrate servant leadership, and their writing is based on experience. (Wiley)

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