Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin, SJ

Through the lens of his faith, education, experience, prayer, and a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Father James Martin, SJ, explores who Jesus is. In this excellent, thought-provoking book, designed to be accessible to believers and nonbelievers alike, Martin unapologetically affirms the human and divine nature of Christ and the mysterious essence of faith in him.

Each chapter contains three elements: details of Martin’s pilgrimage as they pertain to a specific gospel story; an exegesis of the text, often insightfully explaining the meaning of the original Greek and Aramaic words; and a spiritual reflection that readers can apply to their own spiritual pilgrimages.

The book’s length suggests that readers might consider using it as a devotional, possibly reading and reflecting on one chapter a week for 25 weeks. (HarperOne)

About the Author

Sonya VanderVeen Feddema is a freelance writer and a member of Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, Ontario.