Silence: A Christian History by Diarmaid MacCulloch

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Much as an artist views an image through its negative space, Diarmaid MacCulloch uses the lens of silence, viewing the Bible and the church’s history through quiet and unexplained moments. MacCulloch, bestselling author of Christianity: The First Thousand Years and professor of the history of the church at Oxford University, writes Silence from an academic angle.

“I approach the subject out of a life spent teaching and researching history,” MacCulloch writes. “Religious patterns are among the most traceable and universally occurring in the fabric of human societies, and they have been at the center of my life’s business.”

Silence is widely accessible to all readers. Those interested in this unique approach to Christianity will enjoy this thought-provoking book. (Viking)

About the Author


Kate Padilla is a staff writer at the Spencer Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa, where she is a member of Hope Church.