Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

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Brian McLaren is a community builder. His new book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?was written with theological depth and clarity. The book can be compared to Journeys of Faith, edited by Robert Plummer, or The Faith Club by Suzanne Oliver, Ranya Idliby, and Priscilla Warner. McLaren is an expert on a variety of different subjects, and this book will help facilitate a dialogue that will result in healthier faith communities. Every branch of the faith has at least one rogue scholar; representing the Protestants is Brian McLaren. (Jericho)

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Dave Baker

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Associating Jesus with Buddha, Moses and Mohammed in any way no matter the intention, recalls Peter's error in wanting to erect shelters for Jesus Moses and Elijah. Enough said.

I'm wondering what a “healthier faith community” looks like in your eyes, Dave. Brian McLaren has consistently argued that those who reject Jesus as God but do ‘nice’ things like Jesus are being saved – often ahead of faithful followers of Christ. This rejects Jesus’ own teaching, as well as that of the Apostles. That is not “rogue” scholarship, Dave, it’s called “apostasy.”

Mr. McLaren continues to argue for a humanistic view of salvation, including rejecting the need to see the Great Commission result in conversions to Jesus as Christ, and even the acceptance of religions that deny Christ. The promotional quotes for this book from Jericho Books’ website include, “Shouldn't it be possible to have a strong Christian identity that is strongly benevolent toward people of other faiths, accepting them not in spite of the religion they love, but with the religion they love?” This is not just a rational plea for love and peaceful dialogue (which should be the Christian position). Taking Mr. McLaren’s theology in context, we should accept that the Holy Spirit is leading us all into Jesus’ peace through the active faith of other religions. Those sharing Mr. Mclaren’s theological confusion (not “clarity”) promote this book, including Rob Bell, Rabbi Michael Lerner and Diana Butler Bass.

To give a humanist theologian like Brian McLaren such a ‘softball-toss’ review in the Banner – what is still supposed to be a Reformed, Christian magazine – does violence to the faith of many that rests in Jesus alone as Savior. 

You've got to be kidding me.  The only legitimate faith is Christianity.  The title of this book seems to place Jesus on a level with Moses, Buddha and Mohammed.  Why something like this is even mentioned in the Banner is surprising.  That it receives a positive review is disturbing.  Have I read the book?  No!  I get all the information I need to foster a "healthy faith community" from the Bible.  I've had it with the liberal academics tripping over themselves trying to prove themselves to be tolerant, and open minded, and informed.  Truth is truth, there is only one God.  There is only one way to God - Jesus Christ.

Glad to see such a faithful representation here on the banner. Many of us are ready for this.